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Mihan Golab Corporation
In 2004, we established Mihan Golab Corporation with the aim of further international markets and also experienced 25 years to produce rose water and herbal distilliate. It is located in 45 kilometers away from the southwest of Barzok road in Kashan.
The corporation firstly produced the plastic packages of 350g, 500g, 700g, 1L and 2L, and the glass packages of 410g and 430g containing 1500tons of rose water and 750tons of herbal distillates.It also offers Pet production line (the packages of 300g, 440g, 1L, 2 L, 3L, 4L, and 5L) , 20L plastic containers, and distillation boilers.
Presently, the corporation produces rose water and herbal products, natural essential oils, dried flowers, and also The corporation has sold products under a number of other brand names during its histoy including , Bakhshesh, Aaliat, Arsh, Khordad, Kowsar, Javdaneh, Lalehzar, Kouhsar.

Mahgolab Lalehzar Corporation

Mihangolab Corporation has provided Damask rose, which is the most primitive raw material for producing rose water. Damask rose is mainly from Barzok in Kashan and Lalehzar in Kerman that are replete with damask rose gardens.
Lalehzar in Kerman is known as “Roof of Iran” because of its particular climatic conditions and high altitude from sea surface. Furthermore, the water in the area boils at 80°C, which exerts a considerable influence on the quality of the rose water. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad’s experts, Lalehzar’s essential oil of Damask rose is more pure than other areas.
Therefore, the Corporation established its subset entitled Mah Golab in 2016 in order to produce superior quality rose water as well as developing itself and providing employment in that area by virtue of high demand and easy access for rose water. It also transferred its own rose water production process to there. The company is currently prosperous in providing employment for more than 1,000 individuals in the area.


Head Office: Iran, Kashan, Barzak Road, facing Golestan, 400 hectares, Kosar, Mihan Golab Company.

Branch 2: Iran, Kerman, Lalehzar city, in front of Lalehzar municipality, Mahgolab company



Phone: 77, 66 and 03158340055

e-mail: info@mihangolab.com

Telegram: @MihanGolabKashan

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