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Mihan Golab Company with over thirty years experience is a leading grower, distiller and exporter of organic rose water in Iran , a country with a long tradition of rose cultivation.

Mihan Golab is one of the first Iranian supplier of organically produced rosewater , herbal extracts and oils to the local and international markets.

this company specializes in the production of 100%pure and hydro-distilled essential oils and hydrolyses that are widely use for the manufacture of cosmetics , fragrances , pharmaceuticals , foods and drink

our products are exported to numerous countries around the world such as : Germany , France , Saudi Arabia , Diameter , Bahrain , Emirates , Malaysia , Azerbaijan , Turkmenistan , Kuwait , Bahrain.

MihanGolab Co. has started to establish a factory with a capacity of two thousand and five hundred tons of rare quality rose gold in the city of Lalezar in Kerman province for more presence in the domestic and foreign markets.

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Address :In front of the four-acre garden . Barzok , Kashan , Iran ,Mihan Golab Company

Phone Number : +98 31 5834 0066 -77 - 55


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e-mail : mihan_golab@yahoo.com

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